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All Access is your premier destination for yacht and jet ski rentals in Bill Bird Marina and surrounding areas including Haulover Beach, Bal Harbour, and Bay Harbor Islands. At All Access, we specialize in enjoyable experiences that combine luxury, adventure, and convenience. Whether you’re in search of a luxury yacht outing or an exhilarating jet ski ride, we have a wide selection of rental options to ensure you find the perfect fit. Experience the ease of accessing our top-tier rental services. Just choose your rental, select your captain, and you’re ready to set sail. Call +1 (786) 442-3973 to get started or book online.

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Jet Skis Within The Hour

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Luxury Yachts

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How It Works!

Providing the best skis on the market Brand New Yamaha VX Deluxe

Step 1

Meet us at the location provided in your confirmation email or whats app group

Step 2

Hop on a 20-minute complementary pontoon boat ride to your Jet Ski

Step 3

Jump on your Jet Ski & free ride for an hour or have guided tour around Miami

What Our Clients Have to Say About All Access of Bill Bird Marina

Dikran Chamelian
Dikran Chamelian
00:00 16 May 24
This place scammed me and I still don’t have a refund. I called and booked a jet ski rental for the same day and was told I would have to put a deposit in order to hold a jet ski for me which I did while on the phone with them. They also told me that they couldn’t tell me which dock the jet ski would be at and instead I would have to wait 20 minutes after which they would text me with an address. It already sounded a bit shady but I decided to go with it as this place already has some reviews but now I feel like they may be fake. After about an hour with no text, I called them and they said to wait while they make a phone call. After about another hour I was told that there are no jet skis available for the day even though I gave a deposit. Instead they are now trying to upsell me for other activities but I told them that I either want a jet skit or a refund. I have gotten neither. They ruined my day of vacation. By the time I realized they scammed me it was already too late to find another place with a jet ski for that day. The worst part is that they won’t refund me my deposit even after they never had a jet ski to give me.
Thomas Robertson
Thomas Robertson
05:43 07 May 24
Yachting with All Access of Bill Bird Marina is a VIP journey into maritime elegance. The private oceanic experience, coupled with jet ski rentals, adds an extra layer of excitement.
Keisha King
Keisha King
01:46 09 Mar 24
Jet skiing with All Access of Bill Bird Marina is a local favorite—a tradition for those seeking an adrenaline burst. In the heart of Bill Bird Marina, it's a must-try aquatic escape.
Fran Hirsch
Fran Hirsch
17:32 05 Mar 24
All Access of Bill Bird Marina Jet Ski Rental provided us with a day of pure jet ski fun! The rental process was straightforward, the jet skis were a joy to ride, and the staff's enthusiasm added an extra layer of excitement. Highly recommend for an unforgettable jet ski rental adventure at Bill Bird Marina.
Jonathan Pendley
Jonathan Pendley
22:57 01 Mar 24
Jet skiing through Bill Bird Marina with All Access is an exhilarating ballet on the waves. It's simple, thrilling, and their jet ski rentals turn an ordinary day into an aquatic adventure.
Susan S (SuzieQ)
Susan S (SuzieQ)
22:52 29 Feb 24
All Access Jet Ski Rental at Bill Bird Marina turned our day into a jet ski paradise! The rental process was straightforward, the jet skis were a blast to ride, and the staff's professionalism ensured a seamless experience. Don't miss out on this fantastic jet ski rental service at Bill Bird Marina!
Alexis Casey
Alexis Casey
14:31 28 Feb 24
Jet skiing with All Access at Bill Bird Marina was an absolute joyride! The jet ski rental rates were reasonable, the location was picturesque, and the staff's friendly attitude added an extra layer of excitement. For an unforgettable jet ski rental experience at Bill Bird Marina, this is the spot!
Nichole Fisk
Nichole Fisk
02:06 28 Feb 24
Cruising on a jet ski from All Access of Bill Bird Marina is an absolute blast! It's a simple, exhilarating ride, and their jet ski rentals make it even more enjoyable.
Alejandra Castillo
Alejandra Castillo
01:55 20 Oct 23
Such a wonderful experience with All Access Miami. I would 100% recommend to anyone that is visiting here in Miami. I had so much fun and enjoyed the view of the city and ocean while on jet ski. There was no complications while booking which made it so easy. Definitely will be returning because of them.
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Areas Served in Bill Bird Marina & Surrounding Areas

Haulover Beach, Bal Harbour, and Bay Harbor Islands, MiamiSouth BeachFort LauderdaleBrickell, and North Beach

Jet Ski Frequently Ask Questions

How old do you have to be to rent a jet ski?
18 years old to rent.
If the parent is present anyone 16 years of age or older should be fine to drive as long as they have proper government issued ID with birthdate and required NASBLA approved boat certificate. https://www.boat-ed.com/floridarental/
Anyone born after January 1, 1988 is required to have a NASBLA approved boater safety license in their possession along with a government issued ID.
No, we do not charge security deposits. However, you are Responsible for any damages caused to the vessel. You will need to inspect your vessel before departure.
Yes at all times for safety purposes. You are provided a ride zone area, where you can ride freely.
One person per jet ski. Additional rider must be requested via Text. If available, extra passenger fee of $20. Max weight capacity of 350IBS
No. Once you leave with the Jet Ski, you will not come back until your time is up.
Yes. 350 IBS
No. We operate by paid reservations only to better serve you.
We will give a call or Text to all our customers providing a re-schedule or refund in the case that you are leaving town. Take into account, we will take this decision based on weather in OUR AREA, if it is raining someplace else, it doesn’t mean that you can cancel your ride.
All fees are included in the booking price. Taxes are Not Included.
No. Has to be a Government Issued ID.

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